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About Us

Bride and groom walking together on wedding day with french chateau in the background while filming their wedding video.

Light and Motion Films was born after searching for our own wedding videographer and having a desire for something unique that felt truly personal.

Our favorite thing in the world is to travel! Although we are based in Orlando, Florida, we have worked weddings in Tampa, Miami, and Savannah and it always excites us to discover and capture the essence of your chosen venue location. 


With a background in film and a passion for cinema, Julien wanted to create wedding films that were not only epic cinematography but emotionally driven, immersive, and visceral cinematic experiences.


He is not just the one to capture your day, but his work is his passion, which is why he will always be the one to edit your film to make sure it reflects the emotions and energy of your wedding day.

The events of the day are not the only things we capture. We are here to tell your story, and we do this best by taking the time to get to know you and your partner. We want to be inspired by what we learn about you, your venue, your vows, your choice of music, and your ambiance to create a film that resonates with you so that you can relive the love you feel for each other at this moment forever.

If you'd like to know more about us, don't be shy, say hello!

Our Philosophy

Imagine if you could see and experience the nerves and excitement your grandparents felt on their wedding day. If you had the chance to listen to their vows and reasons for wanting to spend the rest of their lives together, heard their laughs and saw the emotions on their faces as their loved ones told incredible stories, you never knew about them. This is what it's all about.

We want you to feel the emotions you feel on this special day when

you watch your wedding film years from now, reminiscing about the anticipation, excitement, and overwhelming joy you experienced this day with your loved ones.


Our goal is to capture the purest of emotions, the big moments, and the small details to create a deeply personal family heirloom.

We want to build a friendship with you so that you feel completely comfortable being vulnerable, getting creative and even silly in front of the camera, if that's what you're feeling. We have a personal investment in both you and your wedding film.


Still have some 



"I have only really met two kinds of couples. The ones who said videography was the best investment they made for their wedding, and the couples whose biggest regret was not getting one." 

Orlando Wedding Planner

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