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the art of wedding videography

This is not your average wedding video. Your story is entirely unique and personal, and like a work of art, we are completely invested in telling your story as an immersive and visceral cinematic experience. 

Once Upon a Time in Georgia- Taylor and Kyler- Grove Point Plantation, Savannah
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the artist

Orlando wedding videographer, Julien, started his filmmaking career in Paris in 2011 after graduating from film school. He worked on everything from tv shows, commercials, music videos, and made his own award-winning short film.


It was after he moved to the US and started planning his wedding that he realized something was missing in the wedding videography industry. The cinematography and storytelling of a movie filmmaker. He decided he was going to use his passion for cinema and experience to create unique and emotionally powerful wedding films, inspired by classic Hollywood motion pictures.

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